ADFPF Full Power Nationals – June 11- 12, 2016

ADFPF Full Power Nationals

6/11-12, 2016

Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, South Dakota, Tennessee, Kentucky and New York.  These were the states represented this weekend at the ADFPF Nationals held at The Pit Barbell Club. First of all, thank you to Pit lifters who participated: Cole Ross, Jacob Stagg, Mike Stagg, Cole Tyring, Nick Richardson, Bruce Thomas, Jon Reisz, Derrick Hill, Hanz Hoag, Amanda Smith, and Jody Reisz. We appreciate the lifters who participated in this year’s meet. Also, thank you to the volunteers from The Pit: Preston Turner, Wren Snethen, Lanea Stagg, Andrew Stagg, James Goodwin and the whole Tyring family for the hours they spent making this a great event. They were joined by a number of local non Pit members:  Nico Melendez, and Drew Henderson along with out of town volunteers: Tim Piper, Shelly Frazier, Dick Van Eck, Bill Sias and Mike Chase. These people supported this meet to make it successful. They get nothing in return other than creating a great atmosphere for the lifters. Having said that, please consider volunteering and supporting meets The Pit hosts so we can continue to run great events and continue to build The Pit’s reputation as one of country’s top powerlifting gyms. This reputation was built in 1970 by Dick Connor and Bud Downen and is carried on today by The Pit’s members. These volunteers judged, ran the table, announced, prepared food, set-up and cleaned as well as ran the meet.Several even showered in the locker room before departing straight to work. Few people appreciate the efforts that go into running a meet and I am very grateful for all of you.

             These lifters deserve the recognition they will get. The ADFPF runs strict meets. There are very rarely lifts earned that were not executed properly.  Some think the ADFPF is too tough. It is not; it simply conducts meets strictly by the rules. Couple that with the certified International judges and you can be assured these lifts are as solid as you will seeanywhere. If your lift passes in the ADFPF then it will pass anywhere. I think it says a lot when old school lifters like Paul Wrenn (he totaled 2300 pounds in 1980) choose to lift in the ADFPF because of the integrity of the organization. By the way, Paul still squatted and pulled over 400 pounds at 70 years ofage.


Happy Birthday Uncle Bud – April 22, 2016

Happy Birthday to Uncle Bud –

April 22, 2016 – 81 years old


We celebrated Uncle Bud’s 81st birthday with a special cake

from Sweet Betty’s Bakery and lots of friends who came out to share.  

We thank Bud for all the many times he’s helped us out. 


USA Powerlifting – Our First – April 2, 2016

USA Powerlifting Southern Indiana

Raw Spring Classic


This was our first USA Powerlifting meet – and we had a lot to learn.

We limited the number of lifters to 50 and ended up with a sold out meet at least a month prior to.

Our gym was packed with lifters, spectators and most importantly, helpers.  A meet cannot go on with people volunteering their time to do the hard work of loading and spotting.

Overall the meet was successful, and we are planning our next – scheduled for

September 10, 2016.

Hoppel Imaging volunteered to take photos of everyone and offered to make prints very reasonably from his facebook page.   All the images can be viewed at Hoppel Imaging on Facebook – and you can order direct from there.

Meet results are here

ADFPF Fall Classic Nov. 7, 2015

November 7, 2015 – Fall Raw Classic, held at The Pit Barbell Club – sanctioned by ADFPF

2015 fall classic full power meet 72

Another great meet held at The Pit.  We had several lifters from The Pit compete – more pictures and videos can be found on our facebook page here .  Meet results can be found on the ADFPF Web-site here


Strongman Event 9.5.15

street strong man poster copy 72

The Pit Barbell Club hosted a Street Strongman Event on 9.5.15 – Saturday of labor day weekend.  We had many inquiries about this event in the month before, but we had only 8 contestants, possibly due to the heat and the holiday weekend.   It turned out to be a nice size meet for all the scheduled events.   It was 94 degrees and very humid.  All would agree it was a great FIRST strongman event!

We had sponsors for this event – and we thank them very much.

All American Home Improvement (

Neuhoff Auto Sales (

Thanks to these sponsors we were able

to purchase these awesome trophies:




The order of events was perfect:  First was the tire flip – 250′ was the distance and it was timed.  Next was the sled push – it was a timed event.  Third was the deadlift – it was inside our strongman arena and was timed for 2 minutes.  The log press was inside and timed for 2 minutes.  The last item was the farmers walk and it was down and back for time.

Eric Wedding 0-170# – 1st place

Kevin Mossberger 171-210# – 1st place

Nick DeWig 211-260# – 1st place

Ben DeWig 260+# – 1st Place

Chris Allgood – 260+# – 2nd Place

Adam Grove – 260+# – 3rd Place

Jason Habermel – 260+# = 4th Place

Chris Allgood was injured during the last event, the farmers walk – Chris completely tore his patella tendon, and had to be taken to the emergency room, and later in the week had surgery.

Also, last but not least – we thank our helpers for the day which included Jesse, Dan, Rick, Hanz, the whole Tyring family and our photographer Bud Downen.  We could not do these events without the people who are willing to volunteer – please take the time to thank them next time you see them.

see more pictures on our facebook page

also see video on our facebook page

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The Pit Push/Pull 7.25.15

push pull meet poster 72

The Pit Barbell Club hosted a Push/Pull Meet July 25 2015.  A great time was had by all.  We had about 35 lifters and American records were broken by:

Shelley Frazier:  Benchpress 154, Deadlift 242

Amanda Smith:  Deadlift 330

Cole Tyring:  Deadlift 452

Pat Tyring:  Deadlift 622

All the Pit lifters received a medal – Davy Hinton was not able to finish as he tore his bicep on the deadlift.

Results of this meet:  HERE

Just a few of the photos from the meet – please check out our facebook page for more pictures and videos

025 1110 1172 11231150Pit Push Pull graphic copy

Looking forward to our next competition – The Pit Strongman Event – Scheduled for 9.5.15.

The Pit Opens Location on Evansville’s East Side

As many of you may know by now, it has been a monumental task to accomplish the opening of our east side facility.  We have searched for several years to find what we thought was the perfect spot for the expansion of our gym.  We are very limited at our Edgar Street facility with such issues as parking, space, location, etc.  We do still love the Edgar Street location, but we wanted to offer our wonderful family of customers so much more. Continue reading The Pit Opens Location on Evansville’s East Side

The Pit is Expanding!

We are proud to announce the expansion of our legendary gym. Coming this fall at our new location – 5221 Oak Grove Road. Directly across from Applebee’s on Morgan Avenue. We plan to continue to focus on our long-standing history of world championship powerlifting, high intensity training, strongman and youth athletic training. We are adding a wide variety of state of the art cardio equipment, Westside Barbell powerlifting equipment and more. You all will LOVE our new locker rooms. We will be sharing photo updates of our progress giving you sneak peeks and sharing more details as we move forward on our facebook page. Go to The Pit Barbell Club on facebook and “like” us to follow along with us.