ADFPF Full Power Nationals – June 11- 12, 2016

ADFPF Full Power Nationals

6/11-12, 2016

Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, South Dakota, Tennessee, Kentucky and New York.  These were the states represented this weekend at the ADFPF Nationals held at The Pit Barbell Club. First of all, thank you to Pit lifters who participated: Cole Ross, Jacob Stagg, Mike Stagg, Cole Tyring, Nick Richardson, Bruce Thomas, Jon Reisz, Derrick Hill, Hanz Hoag, Amanda Smith, and Jody Reisz. We appreciate the lifters who participated in this year’s meet. Also, thank you to the volunteers from The Pit: Preston Turner, Wren Snethen, Lanea Stagg, Andrew Stagg, James Goodwin and the whole Tyring family for the hours they spent making this a great event. They were joined by a number of local non Pit members:  Nico Melendez, and Drew Henderson along with out of town volunteers: Tim Piper, Shelly Frazier, Dick Van Eck, Bill Sias and Mike Chase. These people supported this meet to make it successful. They get nothing in return other than creating a great atmosphere for the lifters. Having said that, please consider volunteering and supporting meets The Pit hosts so we can continue to run great events and continue to build The Pit’s reputation as one of country’s top powerlifting gyms. This reputation was built in 1970 by Dick Connor and Bud Downen and is carried on today by The Pit’s members. These volunteers judged, ran the table, announced, prepared food, set-up and cleaned as well as ran the meet.Several even showered in the locker room before departing straight to work. Few people appreciate the efforts that go into running a meet and I am very grateful for all of you.

             These lifters deserve the recognition they will get. The ADFPF runs strict meets. There are very rarely lifts earned that were not executed properly.  Some think the ADFPF is too tough. It is not; it simply conducts meets strictly by the rules. Couple that with the certified International judges and you can be assured these lifts are as solid as you will seeanywhere. If your lift passes in the ADFPF then it will pass anywhere. I think it says a lot when old school lifters like Paul Wrenn (he totaled 2300 pounds in 1980) choose to lift in the ADFPF because of the integrity of the organization. By the way, Paul still squatted and pulled over 400 pounds at 70 years ofage.