First Powerlifting Meet at new location

2014-12-06 09.04.36On Decemeber 6, 2014, The Pit Barbell Club hosted the first Powerlifting Meet in our new location at 5221 Oak Grove Road in Evansville.  We had close to 30 lifters and over 150 guests attending to cheer those lifters on.

2014-12-06 09.04.51It was a great start for the many future competitions planned.  We have a wonderful area behind the “Power Alley” portion of our gym for use in such events.  This area will be utilized in the future for many different things, including strong man competitions and group related exercise.

2014-12-06 09.05.46

We had several Pit members who broke American Records:

Christine Tomes

Bruce Thomas

Chris Phillips

Catherine Snethen

The Pit Power Team is headed to Macomb, IL on March 7, for the 2015 Single Event Nationals on the campus of Western Illinois University.    We have several team members signed up to go.  Looking forward to this away meet and many more here in Evansville.



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